Andy (bugcatcherandy) wrote,

The MAGFest, the Flu, the Freddy vs. Jason

I'm feeling lazy today, but I'm determined to continue to do one LiveJournal entry per month! I'll be brief.
MAGFest was cool. I didn't cosplay this year,and I kind of liked the lack of attention I got. I may or may not cosplay next year.
I had a very nasty case of the flu that lasted over a week. It was still far more compassionate than my eczema was. Would do business with again.
As there was a Friday the 13th this month, I spent two weeks watching all ten Friday the 13th movies, which made me go and watch all the Nightmare on Elm Street movies also (minus the reboots which I plan to get to soon). Yesterday I watched Freddy vs. Jason. I kind of want to dress as Freddy Krueger this Halloween.

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