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Thankfulness and Nostalgia

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I spent it at my sister's place, where she hosted dinner for the family. I was quite pleased with the variety of vegan options, especially considering I was the only one out of a dozen others at the table.

While I'm on the subject, I'm thankful for many things, and shall list a few, in no particular order. A roof over my head and a very spacious bedroom. A few close individuals (you know who you are). A job I don't loathe going to and a stable income. Pokémon. No, really.

Between Pokémon Sun and Moon coming out, and the double XP event in Pokémon GO, the end of this month for me is all about the Pokémon. And Pokémon overall has had such a big impact on my life since the beginning.

When it comes to playing Pokémon games or watching the anime (especially when focused on the original 151), flipping through my card album, or looking through various figures and plushes and whatnot I've had for nearly two decades, it just fills me with so much nostalgia. One of my fondest memories of junior high school was sitting in the locker room after gym class everyday with a good ten or so minutes before the bell rang, where a few other people and I would show off our Pokémon and do link trades and stuff. Kids in the neighborhood looked up to me as a walking Pokémon encyclopedia; before the days of easy internet access, kids would come to me to ask where this Pokémon could be caught, or at what level that Pokémon would evolve, and I always had the answer.

Well. What started off as an entry about being thankful turned into an entry about nostalgia. ..Which in itself, I suppose, is a feeling to be thankful for.

Now Christmas is just over a year away, and I've got everything all wrapped and ready to give next month. Here's to a stress-free December!*

*Note to self: Get car inspection done early.

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