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Lavender Town

Halloween is tomorrow and, as usual, I have no plans and will be spending it doing nothing. ..Not to sound lonely and depressing. I just need to get off my butt one of these years and actually make an attempt to do something with someone. Then again, the introvert in me is always relieved to do nothing with nobody, so that's a thing. I haven't much in the way of a costume this year anyway.

Speaking of procrastination, I haven't been drawing lately. I have a lot of ideas for pictures I wanna do, but... I suppose it's more of a lack of motivation than it is procrastination. I can't find that inspiration. Maybe I'll make it my goal to try and draw more next year.

Back on the subject of Halloween, I'm liking the Pokémon GO event taking place right now. Ghost Pokémon. Ghost Pokémon everywhere. Also I'm finally able to evolve a lot of Pokémon I need, thanks to the candy boost. I can't think of how the event could be better suited for Halloween.

Now I just need to get my Decemberween shopping finished early like I did last year, and then 2016'll be about as good as it's gonna get.

This is Bug Catcher Andy, signing off.

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