Andy (bugcatcherandy) wrote,

Two Major Things

I want to give a shout out to some of the biggest people in my life, including (but not limited to) Wendy, Lorena, Selena, Liz, Lynn, and Kyle. As an introvert, I'm pretty choosy about who I spend the little time I don't want to myself with, and these people are among the best.

Two major things happened in my life this month, the first of which being that I finally bought an iPhone to replace my old flip phone with the Cingular logo on it. There have been a few considering factors for a long time now, but Pokémon GO was what finalized my decision. I'm currently at level 23 in the game, and I'm loving my Victreebel. And of course all my bugs!

New short term goal: Max out each one's CP. I don't care how weak the first gen bugs are at their full potential. I love them!

The second major event was being chosen to receive an award at work, given to one employee each year out of the entire company! I can say without a doubt that this is the proudest I have ever felt in my entire life. I love my job so much, I enjoy my line of work, and I take so much pride in what I do. For years I've dreamed of getting this sort of recognition, and it's finally happened. (I got a couple gift cards and a nice bonus check as well!) Here are a couple pictures.

The chief operating officer handing me my award.

The award itself, currently standing on my worktable.

In closing, and because this month marks the 13th anniversary of the day she saved my life (long story), behold my Wonder Woman shrine!

My hero!

I have watched that entire series of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. For a really old (and somewhat cheesy) television show it's alright!

This Wonder Woman statue is by far the best I have. This picture doesn't do it justice. It simply must be admired in person.

Whoops, blurry pic, oh well. (Thanks for the shot glass, Ma!)

Excuse me while I die of cuteness.

Various statues among Barbie as Wonder Woman throughout the years.

Finally moved my Wonder Woman books from my bookshelf to my... erm... Wonder Woman shelf. (I still need to get around to reading well over half of these.)

I'm always adding to my shelf, so some day I might just need to expand!

P.S. Happy birthday, Sandra!

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